The 5 Best Dating Sites and Apps, 2018

The 5 Best Dating Sites and Apps, 2018


These are the 5 dating sites that really work.


We found them by testing and researching hundreds of dating sites and apps. Also by surveying and interviewing hundreds of people that use dating sites and apps.

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It works really well and has kept up with the latest online advances. A great, solid and safe site.


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The best for getting matched to educated and professional singles.


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Eharmony is the best and most proven matchmaking site, for getting a long term relationship or marriage.


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Our favourite of the specialist sites for over 50's. It has the most singles on and is easy to use.


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Gets good results for singles over 50. It is easy to use and has good profile information about each person.


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It works really well and has kept up with the latest online advances. A great, solid and safe site.


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The best for getting matched to educated and professional singles.


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Eharmony is the best and most proven matchmaking site, for getting a long term relationship or marriage.


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Our favourite of the specialist sites for over 50's. It has the most singles on and is easy to use.


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Gets good dates for singles over 50. It is easy to use and has good profile information about each person.


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Review of Silver Singles review review


To review, we have tested the site and apps ourselves.

To review, we have tested the site and apps ourselves.

We also interview, survey and get feedback from other people who have used it as well. was the first major online dating site in the 90's and has remained a mainstay of the online dating market. was the first major online dating site in the 90’s and has remained a mainstay of the online dating market.

Most of all it has a very large community, so there are lots of singles to get matched up with.

People use it because it is and always has been, a good, solid safe site to use. It has also kept up with the latest online advances.

A solid recommendation from us.



How it works

It takes about 20 minutes to write your profile. If you are not comfortable with any parts of the form, you can skip them.

All this helps to get good relationships:


1, The information is a barrier to ensure that people who use it would like a relationship and not just a hook up.

People who want a hook up tend to not want to bother with doing all this and just want to look at pictures.

2, The profile information makes for good searching features

3, It also uses the data to present you with 5 matches per day


You can then search and message people, they can also do the same with you.

It also uses data to present you with 5 matches per day.



They have an optional verification system which uses a social networking account to show you are real. This gives a badge showing that you are verified. We recommend using this as it leads to more responses and interest from other singles.


Satisfaction warranty

Singles who do not find someone special within the first six months of searching, get another six-months free subscription.


What is it like to use?

If you can use Amazon, Ebay and other such mainstream sites, you will be fine with this.

When joining, it will ask technical stuff like your height and age. Also some areas are just for writing in your own words for daters to see and feel what you are really like.

We recommend our dating guide for useful help on how to get the best results when writing your profile.

The search fields work well:

  • Search by things like ethnicity, faith, education and height.
  • Reverse matches shows who has searched for people like you
  • Mutual matching finds singles that have similar answers in their “About My Match” section
  • Date Spark is where you propose a date and see who responds. You can also respond to a user who proposed a date you are interested in going on

Most dating sites only offer online customer support, but they also offer it by phone as well. This support is what has helped make popular with everyone, not just the tech savvy and makes people feel supported.

Most dating sites only offer online customer support, but they also offer it by phone as well. This support is what has helped make popular with everyone, not just the tech savvy and makes people feel supported.




For a tried and tested dating site that works, is a great and comfortable choice. is a great and comfortable choice.

It also has proper profiles, so you know more who you could be dating. It also means people can look for a match and the site can do matching for you as well.

This is compared sites that just have pictures and little else, so it could be someone just visiting the country for 2 weeks on holiday, or more of the singles are just wanting a hook up.


Elite Singles review



Elite Singles matches you to educated and professional singles.


It does this with by being targeted at those singles:


1, A questionnaire daters have to fill in, which is more interesting to educated people

2, Their matching system

3, Singles can try it for free, but it is a paid to use site. The effect is like how customers in a higher end restaurant, tend to be more educated and professional, as they can afford it.


It is also tends to have more daters that are wanting a long term relationship or marriage, rather than a hook up or one night stand. This is because the joining questionnaire, puts off people that are just wanting a hook up, or one night stand.


It has only been around for 6 years, but has become a large player. This is because it is created and run by people who have run many other successful dating sites.

The eliteness also shows in the security and quality controls to keep time wasters and scammers off the site. They are very high and higher than on other sites. For example, daters can only look for daters in country they are in, visible if logged in recently and so on.


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What it is like to use


Daters can receive 20 matches per day, but we find most receive 5-7 matches a day, because it wants to ensure they are good.

Then to contact a person, you can simply send them a message. For more introverted people, there are pre designed ice breaker questions.

In our tests and when interviewing singles who have used it, we found that each single finds 50% of their matches interesting. This is very good and means the site has done a lot of the work for you, considering that with the sites where singles search through the site themselves, is about 4%.

So although have to wait for the matches. People who are time short, save the large amount of of time it can take to go through dating sites and find people yourself. This is also useful for professionals who do not want to spend loads of time finding matches.

It also shows about 20 matches per day that are less precise that they call ‘wild cards’, we found that as these were so much less suitable. It showed us that the matching does work to a decent degree.


Joining the site


The site asks about 200 questions to really understand you and what you are looking for. We found it takes people about 20 minute to do, as most of them are answered by just clicking little circular buttons

Once this is done, it means that in the long term the site is much quicker to use, because each day it sends you matches.



It is quicker in the long run, because other sites work by you having to search through and message loads of people, or look through loads of messages sent to you. This time saving is a big advantage to the professionals.

The site is even more time saving as on other sites, as people they search for and receive messages from, may not be the professional and educated people they are looking for.

The profile from the questions are given to you at the end of the process. People who are into psychology and self improvement have said that it is a very good way to learn about themselves, which is useful to improve their dating and relationships.



Satisfaction warranty


If in the first 14 days from your first purchase you are not happy, Elite Singles will refund you.

In our surveys and interviews we have spoken to people that requested their refund and they did get it, so they do honour this promise.

For the refund we recommend joining through their website and not their app, because if you join through the website you can email them directly for the refund if you choose to do that.

If you bought the subscription through an app store such as Google Play or the Apple Store, then you have to contact Google or Apple for the refund, as it goes through their app payment marketplaces.

You can subscribe from their site and then use the site on their app.


Safety and how the site is run


We were impressed that the site did not have many of the issues that other sites can suffer from. There were no matches with people who had not been on the site for a long time, fake people who then ask for money and so on.

Their ID verification is optional. It gives people an icon next to their profile, to show that they are a real person. People with them get contacted more and we recommend it. It just needs a good quality photo of the person, also photos showing the front and back of a formal ID which send to customer service.



Top tip


As educated and professional singles are a smaller percentage of all singles, it has less people on than sites which caters for everybody.

As one person we surveyed put it, going for the top 10% means that mathematically there are 10 times less people suitable for the site, but it is worth it as each person is the rarity that each person is looking for.

So in non city and more remote areas daters have to travel further, as there are less single people with this profile.

If you are in a remote area, just join for free to first ensure there are enough single people in your area.


As the site helps with matching, once you are set up, it takes up much less time to get good dates


People who have done internet daing a lot, say the things they like with this site are:

1, There is none of the long arduous work of going through lists of singles to try and find a suitable person

2, People reply more and there are not the massive amounts of un intersting messages to sift through. This is because the matches are good and each person only gets a limited amount of matches per day

3, Dating is easier with less wasted time on useless dates, because it is actually matching. So each date is more likely to be of real interest.


We found that with many other online dating sites and apps, people often give up. This is because of the massive time it takes to go through massive lists of singles, send messages that are not replied to, receive loads of un intersting messages and sift through all and time spent on useless dates. This is a top and best dating site and app, because these things are so much lower with this site.

People stay with it, because once it is set up, it uses up so much less time and gets results.

The reality also though, is that people are still people. Singles in surveys and interviews reported to us and also in our own tests, the site is still taking people from the general world and there are crazy people out there. The site does a great job, but still when dating, people are people.




If you are looking for educated and professional singles this is a good choice.

If you are time short and so cannot spend ages searching through everyone on the site, as the site does the searching and matching for you, this is a good choice.

If you are in a more remote or non city area, join for free first to see if there are enough local matches.

We liked how Elite Singles is a bit more flexible than some other match making sites. Singles can send message and not just ice breaker questions.


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Eharmony review



To review Eharmony, we have tested the site and apps ourselves.

We also interview, survey and get feedback from other people who have used it as well.

Eharmony is our favourite site for finding a long term relationship, or marriage.

It is not just good for meeting people with those aims, but also for matching people so that they stay together. Dr Neil Clarke who came up with the matching system says that 'Opposites attract, then they attack', so using this compatibility is how they help ensure matched couples will stay together.

It has a much more even male/female ratio than most sites, as women feel more comfortable with it.

The need to do things properly and the price, also means that singles on the site are more professional, educated and serious people. This makes it the first choice if that is the kind of partner you are wanting.

Eharmony is the longest running site, that uses detailed compatibility testing and profiling, to do the matchmaking for user. It has consistently demonstrated itself as being the best at it.


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How it works


Daters fill in a dating questionnaire when joining, this helps ensure that people are serious and not just tourists or people wanting a quick hook up.

The questionnaire is based on the work of Dr Neil Clark Warren who counselled couples in America and saw it was incompatibility that caused them to get divorced.

He did a study with over 5000 couples, to build a compatibility test, which is the basis of Eharmony's matching. It ensures you are matched with people who are compatible in at least 25 of 29 compatibility areas.

We have read a paper on the maths behind the matching process which is incredibly complicated, but shows how sincerely thought out it is. Fortunately there is no need to go into the maths, as it does it all for you.

You are then presented with 10 matches per day. This means that once you have done the work of the questionnaire, it is so much quicker. There is no need to spend loads of time each day looking for matches, as it has done it for you.

We find that about half of matches reply to being contacted, this is far higher than other dating sites. It is because the matching work well and as with person receiving 10 matches per day, they are not flooded with people

At first you communicate with your matches through set questions, which are carefully thought out by the website and this makes things so much easier.

The structure of how it matches people, means that people are better matched up and far more likely to be compatible.

This is one of the most methodical match making websites.



What is it like to use


As it does the match making for you. There is none of the painful messaging loads and loads of people and getting no replies back.

As a result we found it a much calmer experience.

The questionnaire takes a bit of time to fill in, but we believe it is worth it. It really gets stuff out of the way, gives you access to daters who are wanting a long term relationship, or marriage and the matches are more serious.

Once this is done , it means using this site is a lot quicker in the long run, because singles do not have to spend time searching through all the people on the site and contacting them. People can spend a bit of time on the site each day, or every couple of days, just seeing their matches and contacting, or replying to the ones that they are interested in.

It is really nice to see the matches come through, as they are much more suitable than they would otherwise be. Also as daters are not flooded with so many people, they are far more likely to reply.

Of the 10 matches come through per day We find that half are interesting and most people message 2 or more of them.

At least 50% normally reply and most people go on at least one date per week from the site, or more, depending on how picky they are.

We find that over 50% of people reply, because they get just 10 matches per day and they are higher quality ones. It means they value each time they are contacted. This is because the matches are better and they are not flooded with loads of less relevant messages like on other some other sites.

It has a more even male/female ratio than most sites, because women feel more comfortable with the site, because it attracts more professional, educated and serious people who are wanting a long term relationship or marriage


Top tips, for how to get the best results


It is very easy to reject a match that could have been great as

  1. People do not look at all the information Eharmony has on their match. So they see one thing and reject the match without having seen everything else first
  2. It is only possible to tell so much about a person, without having spoken to, or met them in real life first
  3. The site does a great job, but people are people and everyone needs to compromise somewhere

It can be a good idea to put more time into finding out about your matches, before rejecting them.

Eharmony does a great job of matching, but it has to do what is humanly possible. Even when going out dating in the real world, nobody is 100% on everything.

There are so many factors and criteria, that no person in your area can match everything 100%. Eharmony has to find the best matches within what is humanly possible.

For example, even when you join and it asks the age range you are interested in dating, it will ask you for a 7 year range.

When a dater gets their 10 matches per day, they often reject people that would have been really good for them.

This because they just look at the picture and basic information, not all the other information that Eharmony has.

When you see a profile from a website, there is less information than when you meet them in person. That is why it often needs a phone call, or to meet.

So you can easily reject someone that could have been great.


For example:


1, A person may have been on some dates with people that work in human resources. They found these people were not intelligent enough for them and presumed that all human resources people are the same, so rejected future matches that worked in human resources.

However human resources positions are very wide ranging. It can anyone, from a person doing basic administration, to being in charge of human resources in some of the UK’s largest companies and so very senior.

Also this is just one bit of them and you may have matched on so many other things, which is why the site put you together.


2, Someone could have been matched who is a bit outside your area. Eharmony did this because they are such a good match on other things. We think that is definitely worth travelling a bit further for.

If you are very compatible on some things, it may be a bit more tolerant on others such as for example travel distance. We think it is worth travelling that bit further if that person really is a great match.


Some things Eharmony may not match right for, for example is if you think you are very attractive and can get someone better, or they are not attractive enough.

So Eharmony is a great tool, it is normally the human being that messes is up.




We find the big difference is the more serious, educated and professional people on the site, because of how it operates. Also as the price puts off time wasters.

Matches are more suitable, meaning less time searching through lists of people and being bombarded with messages from incompatible people. Also people reply to messages more.

Also the way it works, puts off people who just want a hook up or are tourists, so it is our first choice for people wanting a long term relationship or marriage.

In the long run it works really well and is great for professionals who would like good matches. We find they do not want to spend loads of time on a site to search for people, send out loads of messages that get less replies and receive loads of matches from less suitable people.

Some people give up on normal dating sites, because of the time and effort it can takes to search for a match. They have to do this by searching through the people on there, or searching through the messages they receive from other people. Also they are fed up of people not replying, as everyone receives so many messages that they have to search through.

People give up less with Eharmony, as it does the matching work for you and people reply to messages more.

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Our Time review



Our Time is aimed at people over 50 years of age.

Online dating works really well for people over 50. We found the of the sites aimed at people over 50, the best results came from this site, as it has lots of older people on it.

This is because a lesser percentage of older people use online dating than other age groups, so we found that it needed a site with lots of people on such as this one has, to get the best results.

We chose Our Time because it is one of the largest over 50 dating sites, so has lots of singles on it. Also it is is one of the easiest sites to use.


Visit Our Time



How it works


When joining, the site asks you step by step questions, which you answer by selecting things and filling in boxes. It is basically like, but aimed at people who are over 50.

From these it creates your profile on the site.

You can miss out whatever bits you like though.

The more details you give, the better other singles can see what you are about. However you can skip any parts of it that you like.

You can then search for and message people, they can also do the same with you.

It also uses data to present you with 5 matches per day. So the more you have entered into your profile, the better the site can match you up.


What is it like to use?


We found it an easy and clear site to use. It expects that many older people may not be so familiar with online dating and is designed accordingly.

If you can do things like buy stuff online, or use email, you will be fine with this.

When joining, it will ask technical stuff like your height and age. Also some areas are just for writing in your own words for daters to see and feel what you are really like.

We recommend our dating guide for useful help on how to write your profile.

The thing we liked best though, is that there loads of older single people on there.




You can search by things like ethnicity, faith, education and height.

Also it has features to communicate in lots of different ways, such as private messaging, on screen chat, a flirt tool, audio, video and text messaging. This means that people can communicate, using the way they are most comfortable with.

We did find that many people using the chat features are chatting with more than one person at a time which explains some slower replies, so to be time efficient, you might like to do the same.

The site also has one or two real world event activities in each area that singles can go on, even if they are not a member. They are really good, but some can be a more expensive route than online dating.




Our Time also matches up to 5 people per day up automatically. We found this a great feature.

For the best results, we also recommend men messaging other singles as well. We find that men who do best are the ones that send out lots of messages. Some men though, just wait for women to contact them and seem happy with the results they get from that.

Many women message men as well if they wish, sometimes brief things just to signify they are interested.

You can quickly search for age and location. As profiles are quite detailed, you can also search for things like education, physical features, astrological sign and so on




This site is our first choice of the specialist sites, for people over 50 to find a partner.

This is because it has a lot of over 50 age group people on it, so people can really find a person that is right for them.

Our Time is also well designed and easy to use.


Visit Our Time


Silver Singles review



Silver singles is designed for people over 50.

We like how it guides people to fill in the form and information about themselves, to create a good dating profile. From what we know, people over 50 read the profiles more than younger daters and so this is important.

We found the site very easy to use and effective. However if you are in a less populated area such as far from a major city, it is important to first check that it has enough daters before joining.


Visit Silver Singles



How it works


On joining you are asked questions and this builds the profile that other daters will see. It also gives the site information it can use to suggest potential matches to you and the other daters.

As there is a lot to relationships, it is good this information is there. We found it helped reduce massive time wasting from messaging with and then going on dates with people that you are not right for. So it does take a bit of time to fill in at the start, but we found it to be worth it.

However we were also amazed, how some people do not read the profiles of other singles. It seems to depend on the temperament of each single person, as to how much they read and analyse profiles.

After joining, you can search for other singles and message them. Other singles can of course search for and message you too.

It has a standard message system which is like email and a chat system for live text chatting with someone.

As well as write messages, you can press buttons like 'Think You’d Click', the site then sends a message to the person saying this and asks if they think the same.

There are also buttons to send a smile, e-card, or a spark to someone as well to indicate that you are interested in them.


What is it like to use


The site presumes that older singles, will not be so into the latest web technology and is made more basic to use as a result. However all the features of searching, profiles, matching and messages are there.

We found the matches it made were sometimes interesting and useful.

It also has a phone app which works perfectly nicely.




A perfectly good dating site and a very good introduction to online dating.

If you are in a less densely populated area such as not near a major city, we recommend just joning to free and checking that there are enough other singles in your area.

We find that Silver Singles has lots of eligible singles on it and works well.


Visit Silver Singles


We specialise in finding the best dating sites and helping people get the best results on them.


Our experts:

  1. Exhaustively use all the dating sites
  2. Interview and survey people, to find how they find, use and get the best results each dating site
  3. Trawl through reviews and advice from people who have written things elsewhere
  4. Have our own review system
  5. Get detailed feedback from our users after they have used a site

This is all fed into our algorithm to find out which are the best dating sites and then rate them. Also to help build guides, on how to get the best results from dating sites and dating in general.

As a result, we have found that we are the most carefully compiled resources, to find out which are the best dating sites and how to get the best results from them.


Which dating app is best for me?


The list above is carefully designed to show the top dating sites and then rank them in order. We recommend the reviews linked to in the list also the first place to look.

However just like most things in life, each dating site is different and different types of people prefer different things.

As a result this page is to further break down characteristics of each site to help you get the best dating site for your personal needs and personality type.  

Factors to help choose the top and best dating sites and app

As well as the experiences we and those we have interviewed have had, these are some other factors we also put into this list.

The 3 types of dating websites


1, Messaging: These are very quick to join, simply register and answer some very quick and basic questions.

Then you can quickly search the site and message other people. People can also message you too.


2, Matchmaking: Take about 20 minutes to join as you have to fill in loads of questions. It then uses your answers, to give you a list of 5-10 matches per day.


3, Profile sites: These are in between the Messaging and Matchmaking sites.

They take longer to fill in than the messaging sites, but less time than the match making sites. Basically you message as before, but take a bit longer to join as have to fill in a more detailed profile.

The full profile means that you can search and select people with more accurate information and other people contacting you have done the same.


Other features:


Zoosk has a carousel feature, where it shows you daters and you press the tick if you would like to meet them and cross if you would like not to. If the other person ticks you as well, you are matched.



Messaging sites can also do matchmaking as well after you have used them for a while. They use the data from who you have selected and messaged, to find out what you like.

The amazing power of this is that it knows what you like, not what you think you like.

For example if a woman puts that they want someone who is just 5ft 10inches tall and above, who is under 30. However they messages with guys who are 5 foot 9 inches and 34 years old. It can match you up with those as well.

So it gives you what you will choose, not what you think you will choose.

Profile sites can also match make as well using data from your profile.




Although we have to create a list to say which is best, it actually depends on what kind if person you are. A tabloid newspaper maybe the most popular as it is quick, fun and easy to read, but you may prefer something more intellectual and subtle.


Zoosk is popular because it is easy to join. As there are more people who want quick to join and fun sites, Zoosk is the most popular so it is high up.


Eharmony is popular because it makes good matches. It really works and in the long term gets great results. However this is for people who are happy to be detailed and fill in the long application process first.

Also this means that it is also just for people who want a long term relationships, as people who want a hook up tend to not want to bother with this.

Eharmony is the right choice for people who want that kind of detailed matching, but there are less of those people, so Zoosk is a more popular choice in total.


Elite Singles is good for those who want educated and professional people to go out with. As Elite people are a smaller part of the population, there are less people on there for that as well.


Good compromises are the profile sites such as as they are a balance, so are closer to the popularity of Zoosk.


The sites specialising in people over 50, tend to be profile type sites. This is because at that age group people like to see about the other person and a straight messaging site does not give this information.

They are not matchmaking sites, as there are less people in the over 50 category, as a lower percentage use online dating,. As matchmaking sites are less popular because of the set up work, there would not be so many to match where there are less people.

So we hope this shows that although Zoosk maybe the most popular because it is quick to join. If you are happy to do the work when joining, the profile sites of, Over Time and Silver Singles do give better matches in the long term. The matchmaking sites of Eharmony and Silver Singles even better.


Which is right for my personality type?

If you like quick to join, easy and fun then Zoosk.

If you are happy to put the work in when you join, putting in the data about yourself and your needs, so that the site can do the matching work for you after. Also great for long term relationships as people wanting a hook up tend not to bother with the time needed to set it up, then Eharmony is great. Also it is best if you are time short, as once you have put the data into Eharmony, it is quicker in the long term, because it does the match making work for you.

Elite Singles is perfect if you are wanting educated and professional singles. is a great balance of the above.

Our Time and Silver Singles is a balance of the above which works well for over 50 dating and so are the top dating sites and apps for that category.


Number of users on the site


As well as the rest of our research information, we used SemRush, Alexa which is the web analytics firm from Amazon and Ahrefs software, for analysing the traffic for this research. uses the same domain names for more than one country. We are just looking for UK users and not worldwide ones. So we also used Google Trends for, which can just look at the UK, to adjust the numbers that came from the tools above.

  • has 492 800 visits per month
  • Eharmony has 246 400 visits per month
  • Elite Singles has 175 100 visits per month
  • Our Time has 71 000 visits per month
  • Elite Singles has 30 000 visits per month

This is the Google Trends information, we are concerned that when we use the search term 'Our Time' those people may be searching for things that are not just the dating website.

From this graph it may look like is the best choice, but we also need to look at how each sites is different, to see behind the numbers.

Most people like a site that is the quickest to start with and that is As it does not do so much matching itself, it does not need so much data.

However professional people on average are willing to put the work in when joining, so Elite Singles and Eharmony tend to just attract professionals. This is why there are less people on them, but those users like how there are just professionals on there. They also want the matching feature, so will do the data entry needed to join.

Elite Singles has just elite people on, so has less people on in total as it does not regard everyone as being eilte. However that is what those users want.

A lesser percentage of older people use online dating, but the percentage using it is massively growing. Top dating sites for older people are a newer niche and it takes time to build a site's community. So although the numbers may seem smaller, this is a massively growing segment, growing around 100% per year. Google Trends does not show this, as the numbers are smaller and the Our Time keyword is used for people searching for other things as well as the dating website. However other tools that directly monitor site traffic such as Alexa and Ahref do.

The larger size of Our Time is why we put it higher on the list than Silver Singles. However Silver Singles is still a site that works well and some people increase their results by joining both.

As there are so many people on the sites for all ages, people over 50 tend to get the best results from them. That is why, although they are not aimed just at people over 50, we put them higher in the list, even than the sites aimed at people over 50 years old.


Types of users on the site


Education levels:


Compared to the average the postgraduate education levels on the site are:

  • Eharmony: 75% above the average of the population
  • Our Time: 70% above the average of the population
  • Elite Singles: 30% above the population average
  •, 30% below the average of the population

Interestingly, the sites that have more educated people on, do less well for standard university degrees.

We believe it is because people can only select thing when they say their education level and that is for the level they are at. So if they have the higher level of post graduate they will enter that, but they cannot enter that they also have a standard graduate degree as well. So if a site has lots of singles with post graduate degrees, it will look like it has less people with normal degrees than the other sites.

That may explain why Elite Singles is slightly lower. Although there are studies which show people on a higher income may not necessary be those that are the most academic.

However for it makes sense, as it does not need so much time to put in data when joining. This is because it does less matching than Eharmony, or Elite Singles. Educated people on average tend to be happy to put the data in when joining and less educated people on average choose sites where they do not have to.

We take it from this though that Eharmony, Our Time, followed by Elite Singles have the most educated users.


Male to female ratios on the site

This information comes from Alexa, the Amazon website tracking tool.

  • Eharmony: 60% men, 40% women
  • Elite Singles: 44% men, 56% women
  • 29% men, 71% women
  • Our Time: 27% men, 73% women

There was not enough data for Silver Singles, for it to be reliable



This is why the results show more women than men for most sites.

Originally with online dating, women felt less comfortable with it. As a result it had more men than women. However that is now less the case and so there are more women using it.

The free sites can be a bit more lawless with more guys wanting hook ups. As a result women are more on these paid for sites, as the men are more wanting a serious relationship with the best dating sites and apps.

,p>On average women put more work into have a relationship, as a result they spend more time on sites. So it is not that there are more women, it is that women are spending more time on them.

Elite Singles has more women on there than Eharmony, in a small part as some of the women on there are wanting a rich man and that increases the number of women on there. However I would not let that put men off, as that is just a small percentage.

The sites where people message each other, instead of matchmaking tend to have more men than women, only because some men use them more for getting hook ups. However with, which is where singles message each other, this is the opposite. We believe this is because men go through their matches more quickly and so are on the site for a shorter time. Women spend more time on it. The time the single person spends on the site matters more with as they are doing the matching work more and not the website. So the fact that women on average spend more time working on relationships matters even more for this site.

Finally Alexa has different amounts of data for each site, which effects how reliable the data is for each site.

  • has lots of data, this is because it uses the same website domain name all around the world. As a result the figures are not just for the UK
  • For Elite Singles and Eharmony it had a medium amount of data, as they have separate website domain names for the UK
  • Our Time was low because dating for over 50s is a smaller niche

So the male female ratio figures here are more about how long men and women spend on the sites, not how many there are using them.


Are they growing or shrinking

This was done using the Alexa, which is a site tracking tool from Amazon.

  • Our Time has grown 500% in the last year
  • Elite Singles has grown 10% in the last year
  • Eharmony has grown 3% in the last year
  • has dropped 5% in the last year

Sadly there was not enough date for Silver Singles as it is a smaller site

Here is the analysis of what is behind the numbers.

The numbers are the global rankings of all websites on the internet. For example, in the global rankings, Google is in first place, Facebook in third and so on:

  • Our Time: Has gone up from from the 1 millionth, to 179 000 th place
  • Elite Singles: Has gone up from 114 000 th, to 104 000 th place
  • Eharmony: Has gone up 3% from 67 000, to 66 000 place
  • has dropped down 5%, from 2,139 to 2,237 place

These figures are better than they may seem. This is because there are so many sites out there, for so many different things, countries and so on, . For example, many of the top sites are just for China and in Chinese. uses the same internet domain for the whole world and does not separate by country, so the performance is all the countries it is in, not just the UK.

The first thing to note is that the newer sites are growing fastest, Our Time is a newer growing niche for sites focusing on people Over 50. is big, but the oldest. As the online world grows, sites have to grow just to keep up.

So basically this ranking could just be put in order of how old the site is. When a site is large, there is nowhere for it to really grow to. Conversely smaller sites have somewhere to grow to.

Even though may look like it is shrinking, it has the largest community. For results right now, that is what a decision maker really needs.

The growth rates of the sites for people over 50, means it is an exciting proposition to use these sites such as Our Time.

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