We help people find the top online dating sites and apps.


To do this we:

  1. Use and test all the dating sites out there
  2. Interview and survey people, to find out how they found and use each dating site 
  3. Trawl through reviews from people, who have written reviews elsewhere 
  4. Get detailed feedback from our users, after they have used a site 

This is all fed into our algorithm, to find out which are the best dating sites and then rate them. 

As a result, we have found that we are the most carefully compiled resource, to find out which are the best dating sites and how to get the best results from them. 

Dating help and Advice


We are also a leading  source of the best dating advice.

We constantly research how people can get the best results from online dating.

We work with the top:

  • dating coaches
  • pick up artists
  • psychologists
  • writers

to give the best possible resources.

We have also been on the best and most expensive courses out there, to bring you the best of their materials.

All this means you get the best stuff that really works, without having to pay vast amounts of money.

The resources are to help you best partner and relationships that will last.

Our advice is not just for when using online dating sites and apps, it is also for dating in the real world as well.

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